Diono Cuddle Soft Baby Head Support for Pram

Surround your newborn with ultimate comfort and support with Diono Cuddle Soft Baby head support for prams. It is a comforting all body support for low weight babies and infants which comes in a range of beautiful colours. It easily attaches to strollers and pushchairs.


With its comfortability, the Diono Cuddle Soft Baby head support is also designed for safety which keeps your baby supported and correctly strapped in at all times.

Cuddle soft is also used with infant carriers and car seats. Adding the cuddle soft in a car seat will make it comfortable and safer to have a baby in a car.

Good body support for newborns and infants must have following features:

  • Safe and secure
  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Soft support for head and neck
  • Padded sides
  • Full-length design
  • Must be adaptable with the size of baby
  • Fit with infant carries, car seats, pushchair

Product Information

Diono Cuddle Soft Baby head support grows with the size of your newborn which means it is adjustable with your baby. The nested design will provide all time all around body support for newborn until they reach 10kg weight, so once you have bought this brilliant product you do not have to consider buying another baby support for a long period of time.


Diono Cuddle Soft Baby head support for prams is designed in a versatile way so that it can be used for many purposes. It is super soft, newborn and infants will enjoy the super soft velour fabric for comfortable support. The terry fabric and plush filled inner fabric will make the ride supportive and super cosy so parents and baby can enjoy the lovely journey together. It quickly and easily attaches to any 5 point harness.

It has full padded support for head and neck. The sides are also padded for support and comfort. Its full-length design will eliminate pressure points. One of the best quality is that it’s a 2 in 1 design made for newborn and premature babies.