Best Electric Breast Pump for Moms

Doing research for the perfect electric breast pump for new mothers can be an hard job, hence this guide is written to help make that choice easier based on testimonials from other new mothers.

Below you’ll find a listing of most popular models plus attributes the breast implants that are ideal for  should have.

What to look for in a breast pump if you are a working mother?

Based on a poll of new mothers, here are a few of the key features of an excellent breast pump suiting the needs of most new mothers. In particular we were interested in opinions of women working from home.

Reliability. It is ideal to select models which are tested by your friends or have good reviews on the internet. Nobody wants to squander time and money replacing hard-to-find components.

Strength. The motor of a breast pump should be strong enough to provide an adequate level of vacuum. This way expression is comfortable and takes less time.

Ease of use. Expressing at work usually put time restrictions on the whole operation. The easier it is to assemble, the more time you have left for collecting the precious content.

Top 3 breast pumps for new mothers
Little Martin’s Electric Breast PumpSpectra S2 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast PumpMedela Freestyle Breast Pump
  • Closed collection system;
  • Runs on AC or Batteries.
  • Quietest electric pump on the market;
  • Closed collection system.
  • Compact design;
  • Great accessories.

Spectra S2

Top choice for a working mom

Double electric breast pump by Spectra USA. Model S2 pinkThis pump is one of the best choices on the market today for any working mom due to its quality, reliability and efficiency. It is also one of the best selling pumps due to huge discounts offered by Amazon on this model. The strong motor of Spectra S2 helps to express as fast as possible while leaving you comfortable and painless. By pressing buttons on the control panel you can easily alter the speed and the vacuum strength.

Its effectiveness is also increased with the help of two expression modes. After turning on the pump it will work in simulation mode, which helps triggering letdown reflex and initiate expression. After this happens it is possible to press a button to change the pump to expression mode. Utilisation of optimal pumping pace and vacuum level facilitates quick and smooth expression.

The strength of the pump is also crucial maintaining the milk supply. If you’re a regular pumper your pumping rituals require not just meet current needs of your little angel but also guarantee future production to an appropriate level. A great pump for a working mother must, in this regard, mimic your child’s actions. It must excite your system to continue producing breast milk.

Spectra S2 pump, with its maximum vacuum of 320 mmHg and easy to adjust settings, has been clinically proven to meet these criteria. It’s a hospital grade pump which supports adequate milk supply.


  • Strong motor = quick in use and supports milk supply.
  • Quiet. In fact probably the quietest pump on the market. This is important if you intend to pump at night.
  • Closed collection system.
  • Lightweight.


  • There is no bag included.
  • Bottles that come with this pump could be better.

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Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

Medela's breast pump recommended for working moms

A wonderful pump from a respectable manufacturer that provides many hospitals in UK and around Europe. It’s powerful and instinctive to use. The accessories that comes with this pump would be of the highest quality making it very comfortable to use. The Medela Freestyle pump is also famous because of its reliability and endurance of its engine. One of the reasons why it is a wonderful option for moms working from home is a – selection of 3 – nicely thought out cases along with a battery pack that permits functionality even with no access to an electric outlet.

The Medela Freestyle pump has been designed to be carried on you while you pump. So if you have very little time to spare then taking a closer look at this device will be ideal for you

The motor of the pump is so small and light that can be kept in a pocket. Alternatively you can use an included waist strap.
Medela Freestyle enables new moms to work on a computer or engage in other activities requiring operating with both hands and at the same time expressing their breast milk. Longer time required by this pump can be therefore compensated for by the fact that you don’t have to take a break to pump.

In terms of speed and comfort many women who used both say that Medela Pump and Spectra S2 are very similar. The most important difference is in type of the collection system and loudness. Spectra features a safe closed collection system whereas Medela’s unit has an open one. In terms of the level of noise produced by both units Spectra is by far superior, however, in comparison to other pumps Medela’s device is relatively quiet.

Medela’s pump advantage over Spectra S2 is in the quality of accessories. The first one also comes with a case and battery pack.


  • Reliable and strong.
  • Comes with a case and high quality accessories.
  • Battery pack.
  • Enables working while pumping.
  • Great set of accessories.


  • Open collection system.
  • Louder than Spectra S2.


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Little Martin’s Electric Breast Pump

Best electric breast pump for working moms on a budget

Ameda Purely Yours Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump

The pump on the Little Martin’s Electric Breast Pump features a safe and hygienic closed collection system and is very customisable, which makes it comfortable in use. Additionally, for your comfort, there are three different sizes of the flange. It means that no matter what size your breasts are you will find a perfect fit. The pump is not as strong as high end units so you will have to give it a little more time.

A huge advantage of this pump is its ease of operation and ability to collect milk even when you sit in upright position. The shape of the collection units prevents spillages and loss of suction.

Many consumers who use the pump find the integrated bottle holder very handy. Having a secure place to put down the bottle when you finish or take a break minimizes the chance of spilling its precious content.


  • Great price.
  • Built-in battery compartment (accepts AA batteries).
  • Closed collection system.
  • Three flange sizes.


  • Motor could be stronger.
  • Quite loud.


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Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump

stylish electric pump by Lansinoh with rubberized flanges and large LCD


Lansinoh’s Signature Pro pump is the most stylish device in our list. It also very functional with its bottle stands (prevent accidental spillage) and large LCD screen. All the functions of the pump are clearly displayed on the screen making the operation very intuitive. Once “ON/OFF” button, situated just below the screen, is pressed the pump starts working in simulation mode which helps initiating the expression.

What makes this pump great for almost any working mom is its usefulness. It’s not just efficient and easy to use but also comes with a set of top quality bottles. These bottles have several applications. They function as set container and once you finish expressing they can be used for storage. Particular caps and seals are included to help keep your liquid gold safe at a refrigerator. Once the milk has been needed the same jar can be used for feeding your baby. All you have to do is to replace the storage seal with a breast feeding (also included) and also warm up the bottle.


Lansinoh pump is a closed collection system which means that there is no risk of contaminating the milk. Therefore the device is safe for your baby.


  • Practical design.
  • Well thought out and high quality accessories (bottle stands, collection bottles that serve as storage containers and feeding bottles, protective seals for bottles, nipples).


  • The pump is not as strong as Medela Pump in Style or Spectra S2.
  • Quite noisy.


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