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Best Lightweight Double Stroller

Once you start looking at your options for the best lightweight double stroller, one thing will be clear: They are not all the same. A twin or double stroller is always going to be heavier than a single lightweight stroller.

You’ve got the double stroller for twins or two siblings, but shopping for the right design doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you do a little research and know what your priorities are.

There are usually two kinds of lightweight double strollers; twin, where children are side-by-side, and tandem, where one sits in front of, or over, the other. Tandems are more, but thinner, and therefore easier to get through doors, while twin strollers’ benefits include usually being more lightweight, easier to steer and giving children the identical view.

Whether you have twins or you are expecting a new addition, there is a double stroller ideal for your family, lifestyle, and budget.

best lightweight double stroller  Best Lightweight Double Stroller joie

If you’re buying a double stroller for new-born twins, make sure both seats are suitable from birth and if you’re buying for a baby and toddler, look for seats that can be reclined separately. You may also want to consider buggies that can go back to being a single buggy when the older one has grown out of it.

Consider where you are going to use your stroller, as some are not good on public transportation or on rough terrain, and check to also see how compact it’s when folded, particularly if it should fit in a car boot.

Side-by-Side Stroller

This stroller is the perfect pick for a family. The side-by-side function typically indicates that both seating areas are equal or extremely similar, so it is fantastic for two kids that are about the same size.

Double Jogging Stroller

This is the best choice for a busy family with two tots around the same age. Yes, jogging when pushing two tots rather than one will give you extra conditioning, but double joggers are also perfect for smooth strolls on rougher terrain.

Tandem (or In-Line) Dual Stroller

This stroller kind typically offers a build with one seat in the front and one at the trunk. It’s an perfect stroller for twins or siblings close in age, but be aware that every seat might be slightly different.

Sit-and-Stand Stroller

When there’s a larger age gap, a sit-and-stand stroller is something to take into account. Even though the younger person sits tight, the older one can stand.   It’s a wonderful bonding experience for the older child, which will feel involved with pushing – even though you’re doing all the work.

Umbrella Double Stroller – If you are on the lookout for a double stroller that is lightweight and super mobile, an umbrella option might be the best option. It’s ideal for vacations, because it can be folded completely and tucked away easily.

Choosing the best lightweight double stroller for your family is dependent upon a number of different factors. The following factors are important to consider;

The age of your toddler – Are you going to be pushing around two new borns?   Or even an older child who may need to break her legs every once in a while? So pay attention to weight limits, car seat compatibility, reclining chairs and standing boards.

  • Functionality – Life is challenging enough with two little ones on board, so the best lightweight double stroller should be simple to push, easy to fold and, most important, easy to lift.
  • Your wallet – Double Strollers are often an investment, and it’s important to determine how much you’re willing to spend before falling in love with a contender. Think about how long and how frequently you’ll be using it to help determine how much you need to splurge.

Here are five of the best double strollers–from joggers to umbrella strollers to tandem to side-by-side. All that’s left for you to do is pick your favourite.

Let’s roll!

Joie Aire Twin Stroller - Pink/Blue

best lightweight double stroller  Best Lightweight Double Stroller joie 500x500

At 11.6kg, this really is great-value purchase and lightweight. It boasts features including dual wheel suspension, independently reclining seats, adjustable leg rests and a one-hand fold. You could almost argue that the Joie Aire is modelled on this stroller.

You may use it for toddlers up to 15kg and the pink and blue seat covers are reversible. On solid even ground, you may even push it with one hand, but it’s fairly wide so you’ll want to take that into consideration.

Joovy BigCaboose Triple Stroller for Newborn

joovy  Best Lightweight Double Stroller joovy 500x500

If your kids are two or more years apart, this stand-and-ride stroller provides you the option to use an infant car seat for your infant while your older tot rides on the standing stage. This obvious benefit to this is the easy access it gives you if you’re potty training as well.

The removable tray has lots of space to carry two cups (or bottles!) And snacks, so your kids don’t get hangry on the go. The wheels will swivel easily at each turn, but they will lock for walking on rougher terrain.

Its sealed bearings in the wheels make it easy to push and the front and weighs a relatively light 16.78 kilograms

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

chicco  Best Lightweight Double Stroller chicco 500x500

Take the children out in this lightweight double stroller that is perfect for walks in the park. It’s super lightweight at 15kg, which means that you won’t mind transporting it when you’re on the go – as long as you’ve made all the right plans ahead of time.

It easily folds up, so it’s a cinch.Your children will enjoy the canopies, which will shield them from the wind, sunlight, and rain. Another feature they will adore? The easy-to-adjust recline. So comfy!

It also comes with elliptical frame tubes in contemporary angles and lockable front swivel wheels

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair, Oxford

graco  Best Lightweight Double Stroller graco 500x500

This front-and-back-seat stroller is the perfect pick for the morning workout or afternoon stroll. The design of the stroller will have you moving along a narrow paths struggle-free, and the seats are super comfortable to your little angels.

This tandem pushchair comes fully equipped with stadium style seating to give better visibility to both children. It’s also pretty cool that this tandem alternative comes equipped with the capability of safely having one child stand on the back if needed.

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger

red kite  Best Lightweight Double Stroller red kite 500x500

This award winning twin pushchair hit all of the right notes, with its independently reclining seats and super easy fold.

Both chairs feature a 5-point harness and multiple recline alternatives for teenagers and older infants.This lightweight double stroller also comes with 2 footmuffs, a rain cover and a large under-seat shopping basket for storing all your essentials.

At only 10kg, this really is a lightweight side-by-side pushchair and the one-hand fold carrying down it 42cm x 74cm x 80cm makes it practical too. It also multiple lie back options for babies taking naps as you walk along.

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