Best Travel Systems for Twins Suitable from Birth

It can be a real struggle to find a the Best Travel Systems for Twins Suitable from Birth. Just because there are two of them, that doesn’t mean that you should have to skimp on comfort or quality.

In addition, you don’t want a pram or pushchair that costs an arm and a leg; you’re already paying enough to feed two little ones.

This guide will highlight three of the top travel systems for twins, and it will go over the specifications that parents need to know. When shopping for a pram or pushchair, it is important to think about things such as quality, price, adaptability, and specific features.

All too often, parents need to drop one of their preferences in favour of another, but these three twin pushchairs are proof that you can have the accessories and features you want without limiting your options.

This can be especially daunting for those who are new to parenting. They want the best for their twin babies, but they also find themselves confused by all of the information out there. Plus, lots of pushchairs and prams seem to look good, but they often lack an important feature in favour of an extra bell or whistle.

Finally, not only are twins quite a handful, but any baby is going to grow up faster than any parent could ever imagine. Therefore, prams need to be highly adaptable and able to grow with your children.

It’s a tall order finding the Best Travel Systems for Twins Suitable from Birth, but these three picks fit the bill quite nicely.

Compare the Best Travel Systems for Twins Suitable from Birth.

Brand Shape & Style Weight Product Dimensions (cm)
Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair Click-here-button Bugaboo-Donkey-2-Mono-2-In-1-Pram-and-Pushchair-Extends-Into-Double-Stroller-BlackRuby-Red 13.3 87.7 x 39.7 x 62.9
RUMIAO Baby Twin/Tandem Pushchair Click-here-button RUMIAO-Baby-Twintandem-Pushchair-Detachable-Combination-Two-Way-3DEVA-WheelsBlue 16 90 x 85 x 101
Complete Twin Pram Carrycots, Pink & Blue Chairs Click-here-button Complete-Twin-Pram-Carrycots-Chairs-and-Accessories-Pink-and-Blue-Freestyle-Twins 19 100 x 82 x 110

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair

The Bugaboo pram and pushchair is the ultimate 2-in-1 for your baby and rambunctious toddler. Not many pushchairs exist for children of different ages, but the Bugaboo can simultaneously accommodate your baby and toddler, or twin babies.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair

When the pram is not in use, it can double as a carrying basket, keeping all of the essentials within reach. The clip mechanisms are simple to use and yet keep the entire structure safe and secure. You can assemble, adjust, and stow away this Bugaboo with just a few easy manoeuvres.

Car seat adaptability means that you will want to bring this pushchair around with you everywhere you go. Thanks to its foam wheels, it can handle a variety of surfaces and terrains.

A closer look at the Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono reveals that it is fully capable of assisting busy parents no matter where they need to go. For example, the large foam wheels make pushing this pram (even with two children inside) so easy that you can do it with one hand.

Besides that, the wheels and chassis are durable and reliable with the manoeuvrability to turn on a dime and make swift rotations without disturbing your little ones.

The Bugaboo prides itself on offering loads of storage space, which is something that any parent will appreciate. One cool feature is that the pram portion can double as a carrying basket, but that basket can also detach from the pushchair and become a portable tote bag.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono 2-in-1 Pram & Pushchair

Whether you need to carry baby toys, diapers, or groceries, the Bugaboo makes it easy. When it’s time to get into the car, the Bugaboo’s seats quickly convert into car seats so you don’t have to worry about having a ton of equipment with you.

Moreover, reclining and reversible seats ensure that your little one stays comfortable, while the height-adjustable handlebar keeps you from having to bend over to push the pram.

Even without removing the carrycot or seats, you can fold up the Bugaboo in one swift motion, creating a compact fold that you can store under a car seat or in the boot.

On the downside, there are certain Bugaboo attachments that are sold separately, so parents should be aware of what is included before they commit to a purchase.

There are Mono and Duo, which accommodate either a pram and toddler seat (Mono) or two toddler seats (Duo). Also, parents should keep in mind that the Bugaboo is great for two kids that are close in age, but it won’t accommodate a baby and a preschool-aged child.

  • Ample storage space
  • Simultaneously holds a baby and toddler
  • Certain attachments sold separately
  • Won’t accommodate larger age gaps

RUMIAO Baby Twin/Tandem Pushchair

The RUMIAO tandem pushchair is on the more affordable side compared to many of its competitors, which is great for parents of twins, as they are probably already strapped for cash.

Parents of twins already have a lot to worry about, but it seems as though this RUMIAO pushchair model has already done the thinking for you. It folds into a compact design that you can store in the car with relative ease.

While on the go, adjust the pram for a lie-down position, an angled seat, or a normal sitting position. This will ensure that your babies stay happy throughout the trip. The RUMIAO can accommodate up to 65 kilograms, so you can rest assured knowing that it can handle your little ones, as well as all of your belongings.

One of the coolest features of the RUMIAO is its free split combination. What this means is that you can actually detach the twin seats from each other. A few simple clicks join them back together again, making this pushchair highly adaptable and great for co-parenting.

If one parent wants to take one of the twins while you take care of the other, the two of you can split paths and go in separate directions. When you come back together, simply snap the two pushchairs into place so that they are once again joined together.

It’s an ingenious design that all twin prams and pushchairs should really be capable of.

Moreover, all measures are taken to keep your little ones safe and comfortable. For example, a safety harness with comfort straps prevents the belt from digging into your baby’s skin.

An adjustable sun shield will keep your babies protected no matter the time of day. Slide the waterproof fabric through the link bar to keep your children safe from rain or snow while also keeping the cold air out.

If one baby wants to sleep, but the other is wide awake, the reversibility of the pram chairs really comes in handy. Have each child face a different direction to limit interference.


The storage basket, located beneath the pram, can hold a variety of belongings, from toys and diaper bags to your groceries. The RUMIAO comes with 3DEVA wheels, which help with shock absorption and make for a much smoother ride.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pounding the pavement or going along a more rugged trail, your babies will stay safe and sound.


  • Free split combination – can be used as separate pushchairs individually.
  • Lots of safety features
  • Less storage space
  • Not as smooth a ride as other pushchairs on bumpy roads

Complete Twin Pram Carrycots, Chairs & Accessories Pink and Blue Freestyle Twins

If you are looking for a budget-friendly twin pram that does not skimp on quality and safety, then take a look at the Freestyle Twin Pram. It’s modern, durable, and stylish. Even though this pram is designed for two children, it is relatively lightweight, and it folds into a nice, compact design.

The spacious seats can be mounted in two directions for easy setup and personal preference. Moreover, you can adjust the backrest of the baby’s seats into a vertical, sitting, or halfway position. A removable safety bar ensures added peace of mind for parents.

The cushioned foam wheels on the pram make for incredibly easy handling, plus there are handgrips for the front and rear. The front wheels easily swivel and also have a locking capability.

Complete Twin Pram Carrycots, Chairs & Accessories Pink and Blue Freestyle Twins

Adjustable suspension and rear-wheel brakes add more stability and safety to the pram. Small details such as a mosquito netting and a rain cover, as well as a washable mattress cover, add to the appeal of this pram/pushchair.

The seats do sit a little lower, which actually makes it easier to place children in the pram and safely take them out. For even more comfort, the seats have footrests that sit in nine different positions.

This pram not only looks nice, but it is a sturdy device that you will keep using time and time again. With a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, this pram will look smart on the street, at the shopping mall, or while in the great outdoors.

Reflective stripes on the seat units provide added security and visibility when pushing your children around before or after sunset. A carrying backpack is included, and the lower storage basket spans the length of the two seats, creating ample space for keeping personal belongings or baby essentials.

A disadvantage of the Freestyle Twin Pram is that the fabric is not fire retardant. British Safety Standards prefer pram cloth and fabric that is fire retardant, which could put some parents off to the Freestyle Twin Pram.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this pram is quite wide and will not fit through some standard doorways. While it can be great for outdoor trails and sidewalks, if you will be manoeuvring a lot of hallways and indoor areas, then the Freestyle Twin Pram might not be the best choice.


  • More affordable than competitors

  • Spacious storage

  • Fabric is not fire retardant
  • Can be wide for some doorways. Sensible to measure prior to purchase

These three twin pram and pushchair options each have something unique and attractive to offer. Again, it will depend on the specific family and their personal needs and preferences.

To help you decide, think about what you will mostly be using your pram/pushchair for. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors with it, then a wider model might not be a burden to you.

On the other hand, if you are going to be frequenting a lot of indoor areas or relatives’ homes, then you might want to pay more attention to the pram’s dimensions.

Some of the most important features to look for in a twin pram include the wheel brakes and manoeuvrability, protection against sun exposure, and storage space.

You might also be interested in a pushchair that is more lightweight or one that has plenty of adjustable features in terms of seat positions and heights.

Hopefully, this guide will point you in the right direction and help you make the best choice for your little ones. The ability to accommodate both of your young children in a single pram/pushchair is a luxury that parents of yesteryear can only wish they had access to.

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