Signs Ovulation is Over

Ovulation tracking bracelet
After years of trying to not get pregnant, women who are starting down the path to trying to conceive (aka TTC) might be surprised to learn that making a baby isn’t simply as easy as going off birth control. According to 10% of women have infertility while another 15-44% struggle to become and stay […]

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Learn to communicate with your baby

Babies want to listen to other babies more than they want to listen to their parents. That’s the new finding from a study by McGill University which found 6-month-old babies prefer to hear sounds from other babies rather than from a female voice, according to the university’s press release. “Babies are much more interested in … Read more

Is Buying Breast Milk an Option?

Before your little one arrived, many mothers may have taken it for granted that they’ll be breastfeeding from birth. With any luck, once you started nursing you had little or no trouble producing enough milk for your baby, and then some — leaving you wondering if there’s something you could do with all your extra milk. On the other hand, … Read more

Is Buying Breast Milk Online Safe??

BBC Report Raises Questions About the Safety of Breast Milk Sold Online The safety of breast milk purchased online throughout the United Kingdom from websites such as “Only The Breast” has been called into question by the BBC’s Inside Out investigative program. “Only the Breast” is a web-based system of classified ads that connects people buying and selling … Read more

What not to eat when breastfeeding

As much as is reasonably possible, new moms should aim to maintain a regular regime for meals when breastfeeding to keep the essential nutrients and to also increase breast milk levels. Also crucial is to watch your new baby for reactions whenever you eat something you’re not particularly used to and check with your general … Read more