Cosatto Woosh Pushchair Review

The Cosatto Woosh XL pushchair can simply be described as the dream baby stroller for young families raising small children. Its unique design easily makes it one of the ideal pushchairs on the market for strolling through the park as well as travel thanks to its lightweight and travel system capability.

You do not need to worry about your pushchair and how it will work on uneven surfaces. It is easy to handle when walking on different terrain because the Cosatto Woosh XL pushchair glides smoothly and effortlessly across any range of surfaces.

Its compact design makes it super easy to push and manoeuvre on a busy sidewalk, onto a bus or in between narrow supermarket aisles.

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Key features and details

  • Sturdy: For the Cosatto extra-large pushchair is a solid chassis with enough sturdiness to support your child’s weight from birth up to 25kg in weight. You can thus use this pushchair for much longer than the average pushchair.
  • Easy folding: Its easy-fold design means that you can fold this pushchair without any hassle. Users can also fold this pushchair one-handed if your other hand is busy.
  • Baby-friendly: the Woosh XL is designed to stimulate the imagination of your child with its engaging and creative artworks in the hood. Your little one is guaranteed to be occupied at all times.
  • Lightweight: this pushchair is a lightweight stroller suitable for city dwellers who may need something light and strong to manoeuvre through the bustle of the city
  • Spacious: it’s not extra-large for nothing. The Woosh XL is a storage king, with sufficient space to even carry along the dock 0 plus car seat which is sold separately.



  • The Cosatto Woosh pushchair comes with an easy to clip carrycot designed to face parents or caretakers.
  • It can be transformed into a complete travel system if you purchase its complementary Cosatto dock 0 + car seat.
  • This pushchair is designed with cuddly stuffed pals for your baby to bond with while in the stroller.
  • The carrycot can also be converted to forward-facing mode.

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  • The seating of the Woosh pushchair is not very adjustable to accommodate big children. It has a drawstring mechanism to adjust recline positions but this does not work if you have a robust/big baby, causing them to sit at an awkward angle.


The sophisticated overall design of the Woosh XL with its colour-coordinated chassis complements (bronze, brown, and orange), excellent fabrics, fox design hood and detailed finishes to all its pockets, nooks and crannies make it an aesthetically understated luxury. Two major details that stand out in the Cosatto Woosh design is its lightness and compactness compared to your average stroller.

These features make the  Cosatto Woosh supremely easy to push, easy to manoeuvre and easy to fold. Brakes can be engaged without difficulty through a simple but firm foot pedal. This pushchair remarkably maintains its lightness even with the extra weight of a carrycot thanks to its skilful design.

The Cosatto Woosh XL pushchair is not just easy to fold; it is also an easy build. Its different parts can be unboxed in minutes and have already been assembled by manufacturers. Users already have a hassle-free experience straight from the box literally.

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The package box comes with a cup holder, bumper bar, rain cover, wheels and a pushchair pal_ a toy. The pushchair’s hood comes with a hood to help you keep an eye on your little one when using it in a world facing mode.

The Cosatto Woosh XL pushchair is compatible with a car seat using adaptors with a pretty much decent basket size. It is also available on Amazon and other markets, so hurry now to get yours.