Hauck Vegas Stroller Review – 5 Pros for getting one

If you’re looking for a pushchair that takes the hassle out of moving infants around and allows you to carry your baby safely and conveniently, then you can’t go wrong with the Hauck Vegas stroller.

So first, let’s get the key feature of the Hauck Vegas out the way. It is a pushchair that works great with large toddlers. If you have a not-so-little one weighing over 25kg, then the Hauck Vegas stroller will get you and your toddler around safely.

The Hauck Vegas pushchair is skillfully designed and crafted to make sure that a bonding stroll in the park is done in style and 100% comfort for your infant.

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The baby stroller designers at Hauck obviously had comfort at the forefront of their minds when the Hauck Vegas was crafted. At 9.1kg, it is lightweight and an ideal option to be used for small babies and large toddlers.

It can also be reused between your children from birth and their subsequent growth over the years.

Key Features – Hauck Vegas Stroller

  • The Hauck Vegas is a lightweight pushchair option that can be used for extended periods of time without issue. It has a robust build so unlike some other lightweight pushchair options – will not fall apart in a short time. This durability also makes it suitable to be used from birth up to 25kg.
  • The Hauck Vegas is a spacious pushchair. There is room for your child and extra storage space for those little extras that we can’t do without – miniature toys, dummies, keys, and even a mobile phone – all items that can fit easily into the pocket of the hood. There’s also space for a cup holder or sippy cup if needed.
  • The easy-fold technique of this lightweight Hauck Vegas pushchair makes it one of the more baby-friendly strollers on the market. It can easily be carried along for long-distance trips or family occasions and its design allows you to fold the pushchair flat to fit in the boot of your car.
  • As with most modern pushchairs, the Hauck Vegas is approved to the European safety standard EN 1888 providing full-on safety for your infant with its five-point harness.

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The handles are shaped well enough to fit into your hands when walking. The extendable hood also guarantees that your child gets maximum UV protection and protection from any turns in the weather.

Some of the other outstanding features is the super soft padding that allows your little one sit in comfort while being pushed. The back and footrest are also handy additions to have when you need to recline the Hauck Vegas into a lying position.



  • The Hauck Vegas stroller comes with a perfectly sized basket under it, ideal for a couple of light shopping bags, a purse, and even a changing bag for diapers.
  • The Hauck Vegas comes with a rain cover, unlike many lightweight pushchairs on the market. You can rest assured that your baby will remain dry should an unexpected change in weather occur.
  • Reliability makes it suitable for use as often as the need arises
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • The small folding size makes this lightweight pushchair ideal for travelling and quickly fitting into your car boot. 


  • The straps on this stroller may be a little stiff when first using them. They get easier to use over time.


Generally, the Hauck Vegas pushchair was designed for maximum driving comfort to both parties. Your infants are guaranteed to feel safe and comfy thanks to the padded seats no matter their age. Brief naps in the stroller will not be a problem for your kids with this pushchair’s adjustable back and footrests in lying position.

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You can also fold the Hauck Vegas pushchair (1) one-handed as well as push one-handed if your other hand is occupied, thanks to its ergonomically designed handles and lockable front wheels fitted to work smoothly with its aluminium chassis for easy manoeuvring.

For short trips and shopping, this pushchair is ideal for your child is always safe thanks to its front bars and slip through protection, not to mention five-point harness. The design of the Hauck Vegas lightweight also protects your adorable little ones from rain and UV rays.

This lightweight pushchair is not just durable but also designed beautifully to give it a modern as well as stylish appearance. Your child is literally riding in style, and a grand one at that!


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