Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren is a brand known for its uniqueness in functional baby strollers. Although this firm has been in existence for a long time, it still produces products that compete with many other strollers available today. This brand is unique from other brands in the market today.

Maclaren as a company has involvement in the literary work of art. This manufacturer is based on the production of baby care products such as buggies, carriers as well as high-quality strollers.

In this post, we will do a review of Maclaren strollers, a description of the brand, key features, as well as popular products of the brand.

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History of Maclaren Strollers

Founded in 1965, Maclaren is one of the largest, long-lasting and profitable producers of strollers. These strollers were invented by Owen Finlay Maclaren who happens to be an aviation engineer and a former test pilot best known for his work on Spitfire aircraft.

He established the brand with its headquarters in Long Buckby, England.

With his knowledge, he was inspired to create a new folding stroller. As a result of this, he became an inventor of the original “umbrella stroller”. Initially, strollers are folded in half, later on, he saw the necessity to create an easier one after watching his daughter who happens to be a new mother trying to unfold the stroller after a flight.

Maclaren’s version of strollers was lightweight and small in size than all other contemporary brands. Apart from the fact that strollers from this company are very easy to use and fold, they are also reliable and durable. They are designed with the budget of users in mind and to ensure the child’s safety.

Do you know what makes this brand unique? It has been able to maintain its original innovative design for over 50 years. Although this does not mean the firm has not kept up to the test of time, the designs are constantly changing to a stylish and sleek design. With a decline in sales, production of motorcycles and debts crisis in September 2000, the company was acquired by a family that is based in both Switzerland and Monaco.Maclaren Strollers

By October of the same year, it was recorded that the brand factory in Long Buckby was closed and the stroller production moved to Shenzhen, China.

Over the years, as a result of the brand prominence in the production of strollers, it has partnered with lots of well- known brands and unique designers. These brands include Lacoste, BNW, Couture as well as Jill Smart. Other brands include Lulu Guinness and Dylan’s.

The history of the development of Maclaren cannot be completed without referring to a brand known as Splitfire which makes the brand a turning point in honour of its 50th anniversary in 2015. Strollers from Maclaren are built for parents who are in for strollers that are classic and full of innovative design.

The umbrella-style strollers of the firm come with a wide range of unique fabrics which makes it a must-have for all families. The main aim of the brand is to produce a child care product meant for the safety of the children in the home.

Maclaren is one of the largest brands in the industry today. Maclaren strollers have some of the highest safety standards in the world today. With Maclaren USA once doing a safety recall (in November 2009) of its entire sales and production of strollers in the U.S following reports of safety failings.

Maclaren strollers are not only the best in the world today, but also entails a wide range of safety equipment for children in the industry and also offers Sovereign lifetime warranty.



All strollers from Maclaren are very easy to move from one place to another. They are lighter and smaller in size compared to all other products from other contemporary brands. You can easily fold the strollers after use.

Stylish design

Maclaren strollers are very unique when it comes to innovative design. This design made it very attractive for every family to have. Apart from the fact that it is built with unique fabrics, it is also built for the safety of children in the home. Strollers from these brands are very different from other brands when it comes to classic design.

Popular products

Maclaren Techno Arc Strollers

Maclaren Techno Arc Stroller is one of the best products from Maclaren. The stroller comes with a stylish design meant for safety and bringing superior safety. It is very easy to control, operate and set up. It is very smooth when it comes to riding. It is designed for babies up to 25kg.

Maclaren Techno Arc Stroller- For newborns up to...
  • SOVEREIGN LIFE TIME WARRANTY & GLOBAL SAFETY STANDARD - Safety is our mission and due to this our brand...
  • FROM BIRTH - From birth until 25kg. With one hand you can fold, unfold, push, adjust the seat, footrest...
  • LIGHT AND COMFORT STROLLER - The one handle stroller with a weight of 7.61kg/16lb. Good choice for...
  • INCLUDES - Premium wind resistent raincover that will protect the baby, a headhugger & shoulder pads and...
  • REPLACEABLE PARTS - Maintain your stroller performance with self-service replaceable parts. High-wear...

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What makes the products from Maclaren different from other firms is that you can use it for a long period. It features a super lightweight system that makes it easy to relocate its position. Maclaren Techno Arc Strollers comes with a full-coverage waterproof UPF50+ hood that keeps your baby organized.

Do you know that these products come with a removable part in which you can easily replace when damaged? This single adjustable handle that comes with the stroller makes it effortless to fold, open, close, and move from one place to another. It features a four reclining breathable seat which is easy to remove as well as machine washable.

Maclaren Atom Style Set Travel System Stroller

This is one of the best compact strollers in the world today. Maclaren Atom Style Set Travel System Stroller is budget-friendly and it is suitable for newborn babies and children up to 25kb.

Maclaren atom Style Set Travel System- Super...
  • SOVEREIGN LIFE TIME WARRANTY & GLOBAL SAFETY STANDARD - Safety is our mission and due to this our brand...
  • SUPER LIGHT - 5.41kg/11.93lb, from birth up to 25kg, multiple position seat, water resistant and...
  • MEETING THE NEEDS OF FAMILIES - Compatibility with the Maclaren Carrycot and popular infant car seat...
  • INCLUDES - Premium wind resistent raincover, embroidered liner, storage bag, infant comfort bag (should...
  • REPLACEBLE PARTS - Maintain your buggy's performance with self-service replaceable parts. High-wear items...

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It is very easy to carry as it only weighs 5.4kg. The stroller is built in a classic design and comes with a to-touch singular handlebar that allows you to move it from one place to another effortlessly. It comes with multiple full position seats. The Maclaren stroller is designed to meets the needs of families for a long period.

It is compatible with popular infant car seat manufacturers such as Cybex, Concord, Britax, Romer and Maxi Cosi. It features an easily accessed storage. You can easily navigate and ride smoothly with the flat-free tires and lockable front swivel wheels that come with Maclaren Atom Set Travel System Strollers.


In the globe today, Maclaren is one of the most unique, reliable and easily accessible brands. It produces the best compact strollers in the industry. Maclaren Strollers also effortlessly deliver on practicality and effectiveness.

Overall, they have unique designs that help to meet the needs of most young families.