Silver Cross Reflex Stroller Review

The Silver Cross Reflex stroller comes with an exciting slew of innovations for your baby’s enjoyment. The habit of new improvements with every collection is easily a trademark of the Silver Cross brand.

Founded in 1877, Silver Cross has since been committed to meeting the needs of its target audience with contemporary, stylish innovations to suit the lifestyles of modern parents.

Brilliantly designed, the Reflex was developed with comfort in mind. Its beautiful finish includes shoulder pads, crotch pad, waist pad and ultra-soft head support. Your child will never feel the frame of the stroller against their spine while they are strapped in.

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Features and details – Silver Cross Reflex Stroller

  • Compact: the Silver Cross Reflex baby stroller is nicely fitted together and super light – easy to fit into the boot of a small car.
  • Newborn to toddler: it is suitable for newborn babies up to large toddler weighing up to 25kg.
  • Ergonomic curved seats: These uniquely-designed seats create a similitude of the natural cradling position.
  • Extendable options: the Reflex stroller can be converted into a compact travel system.
  • Spacious seat dimensions: roomy and high seats of the Reflex will keep your child in comfort for those long journeys on a bus or train.
  • Sun hood: the Reflex’s UPF50+ sun protection hood adequately shields your little one from UV rays with breathable mesh panels for cooling.
  • Bumper bar: an ingenious addition to the Reflex stroller frame is the bumper bar. It folds down with the stroller and swings open to allow easy access.
  • Shopping basket: the Reflex, like most baby strollers, comes with a spacious basket underneath the seat to store all your shopping.
  • Multi-position adjustable seats: the seats on the Silver Cross Reflex stroller are designed to recline into four different positions.


  • The Bumper bar is a great addition.
  • Sun hood, rain cover, and shopping basket all come as standard.
  • Head hugger cradles your childs head when asleep in the stroller.
  • Adjustable handles allow the Reflex stroller to be used by parents of different heights without issue.
  • Padded safety harness to help keep your little one safe.
  • 3-year guarantee in the unlikely event of damage.

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  • Compatible with only one car seat (Silver Cross).
  • Clunky harness.


Overall, the Silver Cross Reflex baby stroller is designed for the maximum comfort of both child and parent; each part skillfully put together to ensure a quality experience for users. Travel and storage are stress-free with the Silver Cross Reflex. This is because when folded down, the stroller’s chassis is still compact.

Where most strollers’ storage space is either medium or small size, the Silver Cross Reflex boasts a spacious storage basket that will take more than just a couple of light shopping bags. Wheels on the Silver Cross Reflex are non-detachable and will not suspend; however, they are lockable wheels with puncture-free swivel tires.

Expectedly as a lightweight buggy, the Silver Cross Reflex is easy to push through, although steering involves some difficulty. Manoeuvring the Silver Cross Reflex across various surfaces is a smooth ride with the exception of a few bumps. The Reflex baby stroller will glide across surfaces such as grass, paths, pavements, shopping floors, tarmacs and kerbs with no difficulty at all.

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The Silver Cross Reflex stroller faces forward and is designed to use the umbrella fold mechanism, which does not allow for free-standing when folded. Harness type is 5-point and its adjustable handles have a rubbery underside. Handlebars on the Reflex come with release buttons that are easy to slide up and down.

This also applies to the braking mechanism of the Silver Cross Reflex. Its simplicity makes it quick for users to figure out how it works instinctively. Pressing one of the red pedals located on both sides of the rear wheels will bring the stroller to a stop and raising the catch will release the brakes smoothly.

Extras such as the comfy head huggers, foot apron, and portability of the Silver Cross Reflex make it superbly ideal enough to guarantee the comfort and safety of your adorable toddler and affordable enough not to leave a hole in your budget. This baby stroller also comes with cool LCD lights (similar to these ones) for safe use in dark and quirky places.