Best Tandem Prams for Newborn and Toddler

Parenthood is full of tough questions, but choosing which double pram/pushchair for your newborn and 1 year old should not be one of the tough ones.

Despite this, it can be challenging to find just the right pram for your little ones. Whether you have twins or two kids that are close in age, the use of a double pram/pushchair can be a huge help. As a parent, you know that you should take all the help you can get.

So, what is the secret to finding the best stroller for your family? It comes down to determining what you will need it for and how often you plan to use it and keep it around.

There are tandem prams that can accommodate kids from the moment they are born until they are approaching late toddlerhood. You might prefer that or maybe you want something that will get you past an awkward couple of years of having twins.

Today, the possibilities are endless when it comes to shopping for prams, and this is both good and bad. It’s great because you can find a pram that best suits your needs, but it also requires a lot more research to find the right fit.

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To make it easier for you, this guide will walk you through the best double prams for newborn and 1 year olds to help you determine if any of them would suit your family well. It looks at things such as safety and comfort, manoeuvrability and accessibility, additional amenities, and how well it performs while out and about and on different terrains.

Hauck Rapid 3R Duo Twin Double Buggy Pushchair

The Hauck Rapid pushchair gets its name from its ability to fold up in one fluid motion, making it a great choice for families who are constantly on the go. This pushchair can accommodate children from the moment they come into the world until they are around 15 kg (around 3½ to 4 years old). The side-by-side seats make it ideal for siblings who are close in age, which also takes the strain off of parents.

New Hauck Rapid 3R 1 Hand Fold Duo Twin Double Buggy Pushchair Pram Charcoal Black Silver

The Hauck Rapid 3R is an agile and stable pram/pushchair thanks to dependable, all-terrain wheels and its streamlined design. Unlike other double prams, the Hauck can fit through standard-sized doorways, making it a more accessible choice.

The Hauck car seats can also fit onto the pushchair chassis, although the car seats are sold separately. A carrycot is also available, but with a separate purchase. This is a potential downside since there are other models out there that offer these amenities with the purchase of the pram/pushchair.

Padded seats and soft fabric keep your little ones cosy throughout their ride, and the adjustable seat back allows you to prop your kids up in a position that is convenient for them.

Adjustable footrests allow the Hauck Rapid 3R pushchair to grow with your children. The quality of the materials used to make this Hauck model are good, and customers say that this pram/pushchair is built to last.

While it could be lighter, there is a definite sturdiness to this pushchair, which will set parents’ minds at ease. It can easily be pushed and disassembled with one hand, plus it’s a smooth ride. The Hauck Rapid 3R is also convenient that the entire structure can fold up into one compact form, perfect for taking along for family trips or storing away at home.

  • Compact, lightweight and accessible.
  • Smooth and sturdy ride

Cosatto Supa Dupa Double Twin Stroller

Cute and convenient, this double pushchair from Cosatto will make transporting twins or siblings of close age much easier. It is a lightweight pushchair, but it still maintains the sturdiness that parents want. Footmuffs, rain hoods, and sun covers will keep your little ones safe from the elements.

The Cosatto Supa Dupa Double Twin stroller is a great pushchair for those who do a lot of hustling and bustling around town since it can fold up into a single compact design that you can carry from the bus to the car. Each seat can recline to adjust to the child’s specific size and you can fully recline one seat while keeping the other upright. There are great features for the parents as well, including cup holders, a storage basket, and a multi-media pocket in the hood.

Cosatto Supa Dupa Double/Twin Stroller, Suitable from Birth, FjordThis pushchair has been recognised by Junior Magazine as a 2016 Award Winner, so it’s a brand that parents can trust. A five-point harness ensures children’s safety while also keeping them comfortable.

The push bar handle is adjustable so it can accommodate a variety of heights for easy transport around town. The aluminium chassis is another convenience since it is lightweight and comes with an auto stand that can freely support the pushchair when it is folded up.

The downside is that you need to remove the hoods before you can fold it up, but this is just a minor inconvenience and doesn’t take away too much from the rapid disassembly.

Another thing to consider is that some parents found their toddlers to be too big for the Cosy Toes footmuffs, even though the pushchair is supposed to fit children up to age four. Overall, this is a good double pushchair, for those who don’t need anything fancy.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great safety features
  • Footmuffs can be small for older babies and siblings

Britax B Ready Double Buggy - Tandem Pushchair

This Britax Double Buggy offers front and parent-facing seats and can accommodate kids up to 17 kg. It aims to be a pram/pushchair that families can rely on for a few years as their kids develop.

Unlike other buggies, the Britax B Ready Double Buggy features the main seat and then has a second seat that sits higher up on the pushchair. In other words, the seats are not side-by-side as in other models. The bottom seat does not have parent-facing functionality, but the top seat does.

Can be a bit heavy, weighing in at 37.7 kg, which makes loading and unloading a bit of a chore. That being said, the assembly is smooth and simple and the buggy glides over curbs without a hitch.

One disadvantage is that adapters and carrycots are sold separately, which might turn some parents off since there are other models that have these amenities included. The price is on par with other tandem pushchairs, but the amenities included might be lacking.

On the positive side, the storage basket can hold seven kilograms of things such as groceries and baby supplies. The storage basket can extend when the second seat is not in use. Also, the buggy is a narrow design which makes it great for navigating busy malls and crowded doorways.

Parents can play around with the seating configurations to find a combination that suits their family the best. The five-point harnesses are easy to get on and off and provide ample security for your little ones.

The foam-filled rubber tires give it a smooth ride on a variety of surfaces, which is great for when the babies are sleeping. With its single front wheel design, it makes manoeuvrability quite easy.

  • Foam-filled rubber tires
  • Narrow design for tight spaces
  • The back seat doesn’t include foot or leg rest
  • Heavy than competing strollers at 37.7 kg

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double comes with a lifetime warranty and a clever, streamlined design that will please families who are used to being on the go. It features one-hand steering and front wheel suspension for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

baby joggerParents will notice that the front wheels are lightweight, yet agile for easy swivelling around town. This pushchair is narrow enough to roll through a standard sized doorway, but it is still cumbersome on public transportation and in crowded areas.

When not in use, the Mini Double can fold up quickly into a compact design. By lifting the straps, the pushchair folds into itself. As for the seats, they are forward-facing and feature a retractable weather shield, sun canopies, and a five-point security harness.

The adjustable seats don’t quite get into a vertically flat position, but they get close and can be put into four different positions. The Mini Double can accommodate double prams, but they’re sold separately. Parents should be aware that the pushchair cannot accommodate car seats.

The storage basket is a decent size, plus the individual seats can accommodate infants and toddlers up to around four years old. The seats are deep and comfortable, there is plenty of room for kids to sit back and relax.

The harnesses won’t dig into their skin but will provide ample protection. Plus the side-by-side seating isn’t awkward or too wide. While you shouldn’t jog with it, it is definitely a nice buggy for stopping by the market or making your way around the neighbourhood.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Double is not too heavy to fold up and lift into the boot of a car, making it convenient for single parents. The price is on par with competitors.

  • Accommodates infants and toddlers
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Too wide for some public transport modes and narrow doorways

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair

Graco has a great reputation, but how does their Stadium Duo Double Pushchair hold up? As the name suggests, it features stadium-style seating, which means one seat sits in front of the other, tandem style. The main back seat can accommodate larger toddlers while the smaller front seat is good for kids up to 15 kg.

The back seat has a four-position adjustable recline, but the front seat can only take on two different reclining positions. The stadium-style seating makes it easy to see both children at the same time, although they are only capable of facing forward.

The sun canopies are UV-tested to protect your little ones from the scorching rays, plus they will protect against rain or snow. Both seats have a five-point safety harness for added peace of mind.

The Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair boasts a one-hand fold system as well as automatic locks so the compact design stays together for easier storage. The front wheel is lockable, allowing for better manoeuvrability on a variety of surfaces.

The parent tray and storage basket are convenient for keeping belongings close by, yet out of the way. There is also a removable child’s tray for holding snacks or toys.

Since the back seat is directly behind the front seat, it is slightly elevated and features a transparent window in the hood canopy for better visibility. The narrow design makes it easy to fit among crowded areas and through doorways, although it still might be cumbersome on public transportation.

Some buyers have suggested that this pushchair is best for kids under two years of age, as older toddlers might not fit comfortably in the back seat. All things considered, it is a value worth its price.

  • Convenient narrow design for easy doorway access
  • Storage basket and trays
  • Best for kids under two years old

Remember, your children’s safety is a top priority, so it’s okay to take your time to find the best tandem pushchair for them. Skimping on crucial amenities in favour of price won’t do anyone any favours. That being said, not all of the amenities in a pram/pushchair are going to be applicable to you.

It is important to determine what you need your pram/pushchair for and what details matter most to you. Think about where you will be taking the pushchair and how often you’ll need to use it.

The best stroller may be great for one family, but maybe not for your own – and vice versa! It’s always a good idea to weigh your options and if you can, get feedback from parents who have already purchased and used the product. This can give you a better idea of how it operates in real life.

Safety, comfort, and convenience are three of the most crucial aspects to consider when shopping around for a double pram. Of course, you may have features that really matter to you, such as side-by-side seats, storage baskets, or rubber tires. If all baby strollers were a one-size-fits-all thing, then there would be a lot less available on the market.

Hopefully, this guide will help you pinpoint what direction to go in when it comes to purchasing the ideal double pram/pushchair. Weigh the pros and cons and consider the practicality of using the stroller day in and day out.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask around from parents who have already been in your shoes. They will probably have some nuggets of wisdom to share.