What baby shower gifts to get

Having a baby is a thrilling experience for any new mother with the new baby becoming the centre of attention. For everyone else, it’s an opportunity to share the joy of a new baby by having a baby shower and grabbing at a small gift for the new infant.

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In some cases, the brand new mother might have spent quite a bit of time coming up with a list of things that she would prefer for her baby. Of course if she comes with a list that blows your budget out the water, then you can just ignore it and get something you consider more suitable.

In many cases though, you’ll need to pick something special without having an accompanying list. If that’s the situation you’re in, then here are a few pretty ‘safe bets’ as far as baby gift ideas go.



These safe bet baby shower presents are very relatively easy to find and very affordable if you look online at a store like Amazon or your typical high street shop.

  1. Clothing – All new babies look adorable in new clothing, and buying large sizes are ideal because they grow extremely fast! For those who have never shopped for baby clothes, it’s surprising to realise the number of diverse clothing options available to new babies during the very first year of birth! There is 0-1 month, 3 to 6 weeks, 6 to 9 months and on and on! There are lots of types of clothing that will be needed in many sizes.   Simply remember to keep in mind how old the baby currently is and buy accordingly, because infant clothes sizes change rapidly, and you also would not want to buy a baby shower gift that’s already too small by the time you present it to the parents!
  2. Teething toys – All babies ‘teeth’ and will eventually need little chew toys of all sorts. These may eventually become dirty quickly and it is probably wise to replace them regularly, as such a number of the teething toys will always come in handy.   You can get one that comes with bells or whistles. Whatever you do, just make sure it is not tiny enough for a baby to mistakenly swallow.
  3. Stuffed animals – A cute stuffed animal also makes a wonderful present. Some stuffed animals also come with sounds developed in. when choosing, you may want to go for one that produces sounds, or maybe even an old-fashioned one without any noise.
  4. Nappies – Parents always need nappies, as they’re an incredibly practical and useful gift. To make sure you get the sizes right, opt for one of the larger sizes that the baby will eventually grow into. It might also be handy to just ask the new parents if they have a brand of nappies they prefer.
  5. Baby books – Baby books are great to read to small children and help their little minds grow. Despite not all young babies being able to understand the stories, they help parents bond with their children. Parents are always looking to build a nice small library of quality books to read with their children.

If these simple baby shower gift ideas fail you, then personalising a baby shower gift might be the next best option.

Personalising a great baby shower gift

Personalising a baby shower gift is an outstanding idea, as it makes the gift distinct and increasingly special over the years. A great option worth considering is to simply give a gift certificate with the option to get a design or design printed along with your gift. This way, once the superb day arrives, the parents could take your gift and have it personalised.

At a baby shower, gift basket brings so much anticipation as they can include anything from blankets to undergarments, changing pads, teething toy, soft toys, vases, sleeping gowns, cuddly bears and much more.

Alternatives for personalised gifts include baby cups, picture frame, baby jewellery or a cutlery set. There are a wide variety of items that may be personalised; making your appearance on baby shower day a breeze.

Giving a gift basket with an embroidered baby blanket with the baby’s name alongside the birth date would be an exceptional gift for the baby and mother.

baby shower gift basket

Gift baskets for Baby Showers

Gift baskets are extremely common today and an excellent idea that may be purchased made to order or ready. To make yours stand out, you can try piecing together all of the baby items that you would like to present the new mother.

Here is the way to make one:

  1. Know first how big the basket you’ll use.   An extremely large basket might be difficult to fill, thus a medium sized is advised. Usually, many stores sell baskets of various sizes, shapes and colours.   Shredded tissue paper and raffia produce great formulations to be layered at the baskets underside, together with baby blankets and towels.
  1. If you do have a huge basket, then you can easily fill it up by choosing bigger items as well, such as crib comforters, stuffed bunny or pillows or crib bumpers.
  1. Take into account the babies sex. For a very first baby, there will soon be many things required. You could always ask the mom what else she needs for the baby.
  1. Consider using a theme.   You are able to load the basket with pink for a baby girl or darker colours for a baby boy. White cherry and lemon are colours that trail behind blue and pink for all popular shades behind a motif. If the sex of the child is unknown once you put your order to your baby gift basket then elect for white or lemon in this way you cannot go wrong.

A maternity theme basket full of narrative books, music CD, blankets, pillows, pyjama, musical crib portable and a teddy bear can be a wonderful idea.

  1. Another way to be creative is instead of using a basket; consider using a baby tub, a messenger bag, or even a little laundry basket.
  2. For a bath, you can fill it with baby bathing fittings, like soaps, towels, bubble bath, powder, and baby shampoo and bath rubber toys.

If any of the above fails, just remember that a happy new mother or mother-to-be is one with a fist full of gift vouchers ahead of the birth date or later.

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